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business collage

Accounting B.Acc.
The B.Acc. in Accounting provides the core competencies in accounting and general business that are necessary for a successful accounting career. The program includes study in the following areas: financial accounting; management accounting; accounting information systems; financial, operational, and information systems auditing; and taxation. This accounting curriculum is combined with a foundation in the functional areas of business law, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, and management, as well as a broad general education, including the areas of the behavioral sciences, the humanities, English, communication, the arts, mathematics, and statistics. Visit the LSBE accounting & finance department for more information.

Economics B.A.
Economics is the study of social, business, individual decision making and the goals, incentives, institutions, and constraints affecting those decisions. The B.A. Economics curriculum combines classical liberal arts and modern quantitative approaches and is designed for students pursuing a second major or minor in traditional liberal arts disciplines or in mathematics and statistics. Visit the LSBE economics department for more information.

Economics B.B.A.
Economics is the study of how societies, businesses, and individuals allocate limited resources to achieve competing ends. The B.B.A. in Economics is designed for students who wish to integrate business and economics courses in a way that allows them to analyze business problems with the insight garnered from the economics discipline. In addition to theoretical and applied courses in economics, students pursuing a B.B.A. with a major in Economics will take core courses in business, such as accounting, finance, business law, information systems, marketing, human resources, and management. Visit the LSBE economics department for more information.

Entrepreneurship B.B.A.
Entrepreneurship focuses on the creation of social and economic value through activities such as idea generation, opportunity recognition, and resource acquisition. Students often start their own businesses at some point in their careers or work for entrepreneurial and innovative organizations. Visit the LSBE management studies department for more information.

Finance B.B.A.
This professionally oriented program emphasizes the competencies required for management careers in business, government, public, or social service organizations. The program prepares students for entering careers with management responsibility by providing a breadth and depth of knowledge about organizations, management fundamentals, techniques, processes, and skills; combined with a foundation in the functional areas of accounting, business law, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, and human resource management. Visit the LSBE accounting & finance department for more information.

Financial Markets Finance B.B.A.
LSBE students may wish to apply for the Financial Markets program - an intensive academic and experiential preparation for careers in the financial services industry. Classroom instruction is combined with independent laboratory activities, and the program is centered upon four foundational elements: academic studies, the January-term practicum in Duluth and the Twin Cities, financial markets laboratory work, and management of the Bulldog Investment Fund. Students interested in the program are strongly encouraged to meet with the Financial Markets Program Director. Visit the Financial Markets Finance page for more information.

Financial Planning B.B.A.
The B.B.A. in Financial Planning (FP) integrates the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained in the core business and economics disciplines, such as accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing, as well as from the field of financial planning, into an understanding of the financial planning domains and business processes. Students will learn how to utilize new technologies to study and analyze investments, risks, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. The program provides students with a foundation for immediate integration into the financial planning industry. Students pursuing Financial Planning as a major are well prepared for careers in many different facets of the industry. Students can build a private practice or work with financial institutions, registered investment advisers, insurance companies, broker/dealers, or even non-profit entities. The program is registered with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) and is grounded with the core courses that will fulfill the educational requirements for students to take the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) exam. Visit the LSBE accounting & finance department for more information.

Health Care Management B.B.A.
The Health Care Management major focuses on the administration, financing, and economics of the health services sector. The program prepares students for careers in health care administration and policy in hospitals, clinics, government agencies, insurance and managed care organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, medical device companies, and consulting agencies. Visit the LSBE economics department for more information.

Human Resource Management B.B.A.
Human Resource Management (HRM) involves learning about various aspects of employment relationships that effectively meet the current and strategic needs of employees and the organizations in which the employees work. Some of the activities within HRM include employee recruiting, selection, training, compensation, performance management, and compliance. Visit the LSBE management studies department for more information.

Management Information System B.B.A.
The Management Information Systems (MIS) program prepares students for entry into business computing careers. The major gives students both in-depth technical skills needed to design, implement, support, and manage information systems as well as the breadth of knowledge in all business functional areas needed to produce and manage integrative, technology-based solutions to business/organizational problems. Visit the LSBE management studies department for more information.

Marketing B.B.A.
Whether you’re interested in creative advertising jobs, lucrative sales positions which allow you to travel the world, or analytical careers where you use your love of numbers to influence key business decisions, majoring in marketing opens up a world of opportunities for you. Successful marketers know how to listen to and understand consumers. They have strong interpersonal skills, a passion for helping others, and a drive to help their organizations grow through attracting and retaining customers. Visit the LSBE marketing department for more information.

Marketing Analytics B.B.A.
Marketing analytics is the study of shopping and consumption behavior to uncover the people's tastes and preferences and to identify any behavioral patterns. Students learn about the application of statistical techniques to large databases to convert data into information and actionable knowledge. Analytics can also be used to study organizational purchase and sales data and can provide critical and timely input to managerial decision making. Visit the Marketing Analytics page for more information.

Marketing and Graphic Design B.B.A.
Marketing and Graphic Design (MGD) combines knowledge and skills from two complementary domains: marketing and graphic design. Students enrolled in this major will get a broad exposure to the fundamentals of business and economics. In addition, they will receive specialized training in marketing and creative design. The degree enables graduates to work effectively in industry-standard creative teams, moving from empirically identifying and measuring consumer needs and desires to the design of effective promotional graphic systems and materials. Students enrolled in BBA-MGD will not be eligible to minor in Marketing because of the curriculum overlap. Visit the LSBE marketing department for more information.

Organizational Management B.B.A.
The Organizational Management major provides students with an understanding of management principles to direct the skills and efforts of people within an organization and to make strategic decisions that meet organizational needs. Visit the LSBE management studies department for more information.