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Rob Bordson holding diploma at AMSOIL Arena

Professional Hockey Player Scores with Financial Degree

June 10, 2019

Rob Bordson returns to LSBE to attain his B.B.A., which was a high priority on his "must-do" list.  more
LSBE's Mezzanine

Sustainability Mindsets Provide Inspiration

June 13, 2018

UMD Sustainability Inspiration Awards were presented to Dr. Geoff Bell and student Madelaine Sinclair this past spring.   more
Matthew Bisanz and friends in Europe

Priceless Memories

February 22, 2018

Matt Bisanz invested his time in pursuing an external study abroad program, and he was rewarded in an unforgettable summer across the Pond... more
Kabao Vue in China

Taking a Chance on China

February 19, 2018

Kabao Vue didn't know a word of Mandarin and chose to study abroad in China on a whim. Now she says it was the best decision of her life.