School Supplies for Local Kids

Abbey DeGoey and two members of Phi Sigma Sigma with school supplies.
November 20, 2018

A 2018 Phi Sigma Sigma leader devotes volunteer time and service to a meaningful cause.

“I love being archon because everything I do is for other people.”

Photo: Abby DeGoey (right) along with two members of Phi Sigma Sigma at the organization's school supply drive.

Abbey DeGoey looked at the clock. It was 8:15 pm and the deadline to apply to be archon of Phi Sigma Sigma was at midnight. An archon is similar to a president.

She served as member at large for two years and had planned to take a break from high ranking positions in the sorority.She was having second thoughts. But as the deadline drew closer, she realized she wanted more. She wanted to run for the office. 

With less than four hours to spare, Abbey flipped open her laptop, started filling out the application form, and worked on a letter of intent. At 11:55 pm the mad rush was over. She submitted her paperwork.

Weeks later she found out she had been elected the archon of the biggest sorority on UMD’s campus. Being archon means Abbey is everyone’s biggest resource. She is considered the face of their chapter. Read more.