Off-Site to On-Site: An Amplified Experience

Meghan Hurley
November 2, 2016

Junior Meghan Hurley has returned from a life-changing endeavor in Toluca, Mexico.
Meghan, an intern with Starkey Hearing Foundation in Eden Prairie, Minn., recently had the opportunity to travel with the foundation and help distribute hearing aids to about 2,000 people in need. 

Knowing that this kind of work makes a difference in people’s lives is the best part.

An organizational management and marketing double major at UMD's Labovitz School of Business and Economics, Meghan worked as an intern at Starkey over the summer, planning and organizing the off-site logistics of several missions that Starkey executes annually around the world. 

The first week she started at Starkey there were no missions in action. She was able to shadow and watch the teams perform their off-site duties and preparation. Eventually, she took on more responsibility and completed independent work. Meghan said, “Starkey really makes you feel like you belong and are an asset to the foundation.”

“When I went on this trip, I was technically a volunteer. I was a fitter for the hearing aids, but I got the opportunity to shadow on-site logistics. I know everything from the back end of these missions, so it was cool to see how they all came together and played out on-site,” said Meghan. Read More