LSBE Students Match Best in Nation Numbers with 3M Frontline Program

Frontline cohort
February 27, 2020

Six LSBE students were accepted into the 3M Frontline Sales Initiative program for this upcoming summer.

What stood out to me about this program was the focus on gaining real world experience and being brought out of my comfort zone.

Top from left: Tucker Burquest, Maddie Milbrath, Nick Miller, Haley Rinzel, Grant Thompson, Heather Quarnstrom

For the second year in a row, this number matches the largest incoming group of Frontline interns from any one school in the nation. 3M’s program provides immersive internship sales and business training. When completed, students may be hired full time.

“The continuing success of our students at 3M attests to the quality of our students and the education they receive at UMD, as many other leading employers have found,” said Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Marketing Department Head.

Tucker Burquest, Maddie Milbrath, Nick Miller, Heather Quarnstrom, Hayley Rinzel, and Grant Thompson will first attend the Frontline program conference in Houston, Texas in April. There, the LSBE students will meet and build relationships with other interns and numerous 3M employees, listen to keynote speakers, and learn about the Fortune 500 company that has $32 billion in sales. Afterward, the students begin their summer-long internships within the company’s 20+ divisions in the United States. (See more about each individual student below.)

Alexa Hilger-Sawochka, LSBE alum (ʼ19) interned last year with 3M’s Frontline Sales Initiative program. She now is employed as a business analyst for 3M’s Safety and Industrial Business Group. “I’m excited to further my business knowledge and analytical skills with this amazing company.”

LSBE is one of only 14 universities offering the Frontline Sales Initiative program that provides students with high caliber experiential learning in the sales industry. The school also has added a professional sales major making UMD the only public university in Minnesota to offer one. Plans are also underway to add a sales minor and establish an integrated sales center that would provide students with more rigorous experiential opportunities for careers in sales.

Tucker Burquest is a marketing and professional sales double major who will be graduating in spring 2021. He will be interning at 3M in field sales. "I became interested in 3M last year when company representatives visited my Principles of Marketing class. What really attracted me to 3M was its mission and the impact it makes in the communities it serves. Sales is a great role for me because I enjoy serving others. I think that this internship will be a valuable and humbling learning experience. I am thankful to both LSBE faculty and staff as well as 3M for giving me this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to start.”

Maddie Milbrath is a marketing major who graduates this spring. She will be interning at 3M in marketing. “I have always been fascinated with the technological, industrial, and safety fields as I’ve had previous internship experiences with an engineering company. When I heard about 3M’s Frontline program, I was thrilled to apply with the hopes to continue my love for this industry and take my career to the next level. Through this experience, I will gain exposure to all sorts of marketing processes and help find solutions that will improve the lives of others. My future aspirations would be to get a full time job at 3M in a digital marketing role and eventually take on a managerial role. I’m ready for the challenge 3M will present!”

Nick Miller is a marketing analytics major who graduates this spring. He will be interning at 3M in analytics. “I choose 3M's Frontline program for many reasons. For one, I think joining a well-established business analytics program will be extremely beneficial in growing my knowledge, skills, and abilities in that area. It is also very exciting to work for a company with such a strong reputation for being a leader in all of its industries. I am looking forward to being challenged, fostering connections, and growing as a business professional."

Heather Quarnstrom is a marketing analytics major who is graduating in May. She will be interning at 3M in analytics. “I am excited and honored to be a part of 3M’s Frontline internship program. I believe this opportunity will push me outside my comfort zone while helping me advance my data and analytics skills. I chose analytics as my major and internship position within 3M because of how data-driven and result-focused the world of business has become. Post-internship, I plan to obtain a full-time entry-level data analytics position while working towards completing my master's degree. 

Haley Rinzel is an entrepreneurship major who will be graduating in the spring. She will be interning at 3M in field sales. “"I had been interested in the Frontline Program through 3M since my junior year at UMD. What stood out to me about this program was the focus on gaining real world experience and being brought out of my comfort zone. I enjoy taking on challenges, and 3M’s mission aligned with my personal and professional goals. Following the Frontline Internship program, I hope to continue my professional career with 3M in sales and get involved in their Women's Leadership Forum.”

Grant Thompson is a marketing and organizational management double major who will be graduating in May of 2020. He will be interning at 3M in field sales. “I first became aware of 3M’s Frontline program my sophomore year while taking a course taught by John Kratz. Since then it has been a goal of mine to pursue a career at 3M. The field sales position fits me because I thrive on making new connections and building lasting relationships while working towards a common goal. Currently my career goals include growing my professional network and gaining valuable internship experience at 3M. Long-term, I aspire to become a sales director of a well-respected company.