A Success With 3M

Molly Arbuckle in construction clothing
November 19, 2019

3M intern Molly Arbuckle not only gained experience but also landed a full-time position with the company. 

An internship is probably one of the most important parts of a student’s collegiate career. One Labovitz School of Business and Economics student, marketing major Molly Arbuckle, had the opportunity to intern for 3M.

Some of 3M's most well known products are Post-its and sandpaper. 3M is a global company, and their slogan is Science Applied to Life.

“It's only science until you sell something. 3M wants to make life more efficient for the world around us,” Molly says.

The internship worked out so well for Molly that she has the opportunity to work full time for them after graduation. Getting hired before graduation is an opportunity most college students dream of. 

Molly heard about the internship through Professor John Kratz, interim sales program director & instructor of marketing. At the end of Molly’s sophomore year, she and Professor Kratz had a conversation about 3M and what the Frontline Internship is all about.

With the help of Professor Kratz, Molly decided to take a chance and applied for the internship her junior year. Molly saw this internship as, “A chance to grow independently and be innovative along with the company.” Read More