Shee Wong, Ph.D.

Shee Wong

Professional title

Professor of Finance



  • Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Research Interests

  • Options and Futures, Investor Sentiments and Market Returns
  • Investment and Portfolio Management


  • Schafter, A., Wong, S., Castleberry, S. (2009). Payday Lending: Perfunctory or Predatory? Journal of Business Case Studies, 5(6), 97-104.
  • Wong, S., Lievano, R. (2009). Investor Sentiment as Intervention of Stock Market Returns. To appear in Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal (AAFSJ), 13(4), 55-66.
  • Hassan, N., Wong, S. (2008). The Relationship between Market Sentiment and Equity Premium: An Artificial Neural Network Analysis. International Journal of Electronic Finance, 2(2), 227 - 240.
  • *Wong, S., Hassan, N., Feroz, E. (2007). The Equity Premium Puzzle: An Artificial Neural Network Approach. Review of Accounting and Finance, 6(2).
  • Wong, S. (2003). "Investor Sentiment and Asymmetric Earnings Revisions,". American Business Review, XXI, pp.17-22.

Courses Taught

  • Financial Management (MBA)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investments
  • Corporate Finance