Dean's Staff

The Dean's Office is organized into two support areas which serve the Labovitz School of Business and Economics: Administration and Advising and Academic Services.

Administration is responsible for all administrative functions, including budget, payroll, human resources, communications, and outreach. Advising and Academic Services is responsible for student concerns, advisement of freshmen, freshman orientation, and degree compliance.


  • Dean, Amy B. Hietapelto: 218-726-7061
  • Associate Dean, Praveen Aggarwal: 218-726-8971
  • Development Officer, Suzanne Anderson: 218-726-6696
  • Director of Administration, Joseph Grant: 218-726-7282
  • Director of Business Internships, Angie Soderberg: 218-726-6118
  • Technology Coordinator, Emma Schroeder: 218-726-6705
  • LSBE Communications Specialist, Katie Chernak: 218-726-6341
  • LSBE Accountant, Cathie Carter: 218-726-6786
  • LSBE Editor/Writer, Gina Chiodi Grensing: 218-726-8730
  • LSBE Payroll/HR Services, Cindy Beaudin: 218-726-8797
  • LSBE Assistant to the Dean, Sharon Cripe: 218-726-8034
  • MBA Program Coordinator & Assistant to the Associate Dean, Daisy Wallace: 218-726-7440

LSBE 219
Phone: 218-726-7281
Fax: 218-726-6936
Email: [email protected]

Office of Advising and Academic Services

  • Director of Advising and Academic Services, Tracey Bolen: 218-726-7520
  • Senior Academic Advisor, Kurt Guidinger: 218-726-8757
  • Academic Advisor, Anna Greshowak: 218-726-8583
  • Academic Advisor, Trent Nelson: 218-726-8986
  • Student Services Professional, Mackenzie Bolf: 218-726-6594
  • Executive Office and Administrative Specialist, Vickie A. Minko: 218-726-8614

LSBE 111
Phone: 218-726-6594
Fax: 218-726-6789
Email: [email protected]