Amy Hietapelto, Ph.D.

Dean Amy Hietapelto

Professional title




  • Ph.D. in Business Administration (Organization Studies) from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (1997)

Research Interests

  • Pedagogical/curricular issues in management education
  • Organizational change management
  • Legal implications of college/university policies and practices
  • Teamwork & Diversity


  • Reinsch, R.W., Ross, W.H., Hietapelto, A.B. (2016). Employer's Use of Social Media in Employment Decisions: Risk of Discrimination Lawsuits. Current Topics in Management, 18.
  • Goltz, S.M., Hietapelto, A. B. (2013) Translating the Social Watch Gender Diversity Index for University Use. Change, May/June.
  • Reinsch, R.W., Titus, M.K. & Hietapelto, A. B. (2011) Passing the buck in tenure decisions: The increasing risk of judicial intervention under the Equal Protection Clause. Journal of Legal Studies in Business, Vol.17, 86-105.
  • Roberge, M.E., Lewicki, R.J., Hietapelto, A.B., and A. Abdyldaeva (2011). From theory to practice: Recommending supportive diversity practices. Journal of Diversity Management, Vol. 6(2).
  • Goltz, S.M., Hietapelto, A.B., Reinsch, R.W., & Tyrell, S.K. (2008) Teaching teamwork and problem solving concurrently. Journal of Management Education, Vol. 32(5), 541-562, lead article.

Additional Information

  • Served as the Dean of the College of Business and Management at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, 2009-2013.
  • Previously taught at Michigan Technological University and Clarkson University.
  • Winner of numerous teaching awards