Components & Curriculum

Bulldog Fund LLC

A major focus of the LSBE Financial Markets Program is the management of the Bulldog Fund, LLC. Through the generosity of the Northland Foundation, North Star Foundation, and the Labovitz School of Business & Economics substantial assets have been raised for the support of the Bulldog Fund, LLC.

Students are involved in managing every aspect of the Bulldog Fund, LLC; from research and analysis through daily exposure oversight and comprehensive portfolio management.

Throughout this program you will be responsible for generating investment ideas consistent with the Bulldog Fund, LLC investment strategy.

You will also be exposed to three types of analysis; fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis. Students are expected to incorporate all three forms into their investment research and recommendation.

While in the program you will participate in teams to analyze a sector of the S&P 500. Based on your research you will identify opportunities and recommendations for your specific company. Throughout the year you will have the chance to present formal recommendations to the program’s Investment Oversight Committee. The Investment Oversight Committee is comprised of several industry professionals who are responsible for granting the final decision on the students’ recommendations.

Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab

The primary purpose of the LSBE Financial Markets Program is to give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding in a real-world investment setting. Through the creation of the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, students have access into the inner workings of today’s global financial marketplace.

Wells Fargo lab workstation
Wells Fargo lab interior

The Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab is a 1,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Participating students are given their own work area which encompasses a designated PC workstation and ample storage space designed to replicate a “trading room” environment. Factset provides instant access to current events and information shaping today’s global financial markets. Participants become acclimated to industry-standard software programs such as Factset, Tradestation, Baseline, Thomson Analytics, Investors Business Daily Online, Barron’s Online and the Wall Street Journal Online. Students also become proficient using MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. In 2006, the entire technological platform of the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab was updated and brought in-line with industry standards. In 2014 a Rise Display was installed. It provides real-time financial information, follows the S&P 500, Nasdaq and various other indicies. It also streams a live feed of world and financial news.

Wells Fargo lab Rise Display
Wells Fargo lab Rise Display wall