Active Learning Opportunities

A number of active learning opportunities are available to you as a student in UMD's accounting program.

ACCT 3796-Internship in Accounting allows you to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to real world accounting problems through work experience with sponsoring businesses. Most internships offer a salary, as well as the opportunity to earn credits through a supervised work experience.

Another opportunity is ACCT 3701-Student to Business Initiative in Accounting. You'll work in a student team which will be matched with local small businesses that need accounting assistance. You and your team define the specific scope of work with the business owner and then serve as a "consultant" to the business. At the end of the semester, you and your team present the results of your work at the UMD Center for Economic Development offices in Downtown Duluth.

Finally, ACCT 3705-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, gives you a general understanding of the U.S. individual income tax system while providing a valuable service learning experience by assisting low-income residents in the community with tax planning and compliance.