Faculty Publications and Awards

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LSBE Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Dr. Sanjay Goel and his coauthors, Drs. Heidi Forsstrom-Tuominen and Iiro Jussila published the article “The Start of Team Start-Ups: Collective Dynamics of Initiation and Formation of Entrepreneurial Teams,” in the Journal of Enterprising Culture, Vol.25 (1).

Dr Goel, also published “Impact of Investors’ Protection, Transparency Level and Legal Origin on Initial Public Offering (IPO) Initial Returns,” with coauthors, Drs. Sheela Sundarasen and Fairuz Ahmad Zulaini. The article is featured in Managerial Finance, Vol. 43(7) on pages 738-760.

LSBE Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Linda Rochford, and her coauthor, Dr. Patricia Borchert, published the article “Feedback Valence During Business Idea Development: Predictor of Performance, Motivator of Change, or Both?,” in the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

LSBE Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Daniel F. Hsiao, and his coauthor, Lei Han, published the article “Examination of Firm Performance Following the Early Adoption of SFAS 142,” in the International Journal of Accounting & Information Management. The article is featured in Volume 25(2), on pages 138-176.

Dr. Hsiao also published the article “An Exploratory Study of Female Directors’ Constraint on Real Earnings Management,” with coauthors, Drs. Ling-Ling Chang and Yue-Duan Guan. The article is featured in Corporate Management Review, Volume 37(2), on pages 31-85.

LSBE Associate Professor of Business Communications Dr. Junhua Wang published the article “Strategies for Managing Cultural Conflict: Models Review and their Applications in Business and Technical Communications,” in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication.

LSBE Assistant Professors of Economics Drs. Gibson Nene and Ariuna Taivan published the article, “Causality Between Tourism and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub Saharan African” in The Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 51(2).

LSBE Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Neil Wilmot and Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Ariuna Taivan published the article “The Causal Relationship in North American Energy Production,” in OPEC Energy Review.

LSBE Professor of Business Law Dr. Roger W. Reinsch and his coauthor Dr. Sonia M. Goltz published the article “Big Data: Can the Attempt to be More Discriminating be More Discriminatory Instead?” in the St. Louis University Law Journal.

LSBE Professor of Marketing Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan and his coauthors, Drs. Daniel Tomaszewski and Tim Cernohous published their article “Evaluating Patient Preferences for Different Incentive Programs to Optimize Pharmacist-Provided Patient Care Program Enrollment.” The article is featured in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy, Volume 23 (11).

LSBE Professor of Management Information Systems Dr. Dahui Li, and his coauthors, Drs. Jianbiao Li, Yile Yin, Xiaoli Liu, Guangrong Wang, and Liang Qu published the article “Controlling the Anchoring Effect through Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to the Right Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex,” in the Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 8, June 2017.

Dr. Li also published the article “Regional ICT Access and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from China,” with his coauthor, Dr. Feng Zhang, in Information and Management.

Dr. Li and his coauthors, Drs. Yonggui Wang and Shuang Ma, published the article “The Role of Regulatory Fit in Virtual Brand Communities,” in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Spring 2017.

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Dr. Nik R. Hassan published the article “Editorial: The History and Philosophy Department.” It was featured in Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 41, Article 15, on pages 319-333.

LSBE Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Dr. Lin Xiu and Dr. Xin Liang, Associate Professor of Strategic and International Management and their coauthors, Drs. Zhao Chen and Wei Xu published the article “Strategic Flexibility, Innovative HR Practices, and Firm Performance: A Moderated Mediation Model,” in Personnel Review, Vol. 46(7).

Drs. Xiu and Liang also published the article “In Search of Sustainable Legitimacy of Private Firms in China,” with Drs. Sibin Wu and Shujuan Zhang. The article was featured in Chinese Management Studies, Vol. 11(1), on pages 555-578.

LSBE Associate Professor of Strategy Dr. Geoffrey Bell and Dr. Liang published the article “The Strategic Alliance Game: Bringing Strategic Alliances to Life,” in the Management Teaching Review, Fall 2017.