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LBSE Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognitions

Richard Brown, LSBE Senior Fellow and CEO of JNBA Financial Advisors, received the 2013 New Generation Influencer Award by Financial Planning magazine for his work in developing the TD Ameritrade Institutional Learning Lab.

Faculty-Published Research/Presentations

LSBE Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Dr. Lin Xiu published the article, "Credential Effects and the Returns to Education in China," in the June 2013 issue of Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

Xiu also published an article in Evidence-Based HRM: A Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship. Featured in volume 1 issue 1, the article is titled, "The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs in China: Evidence from an Establishment-Manager Matched Survey."

LSBE Assistant Professor of Accounting Dr. Fu-Jen Daniel Hsiao published an article in the Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation with Dr. Ling-Ling Chang of Ming-Chuan University in Taiwain and Dr. Yann-Ching Tsai of National Taiwan University. The article, featured in volume 22, issue 2 of the journal, is titled, "Earnings, Institutional Investors, Tax Avoidance, and Firm Value: Evidence from Taiwan."

LSBE Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Organization and Management Dr. Jon L. Pierce published an article in the Journal of Managerial Psychology with Dr. Donald G. Gardner of the College of Business at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The article, featured in volume 28, issue 2 of the journal, is titled, "Focus of Attention at Work and Organization-Based Self-Esteem."

LSBE Associate Professor of Business Communications Dr. Junhua Wang published an article in volume 43, issue 2 of the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. The article is titled, "Moving Toward Ethnorelativism: A Framework for Measuring and Meeting Students' Needs in Cross-Cultural Business and Technical Communication."

LSBE Assistant Professor of Business Communications Dr. Abram Anders published an article in Disabilities Studies Quarterly. Titled, "Foucault and the 'Right to Life': From Technologies of Normalization to Societies of Control," the article is featured in volume 33, issue 3 of the journal.

LSBE Interim Associate Dean and Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Marketing Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, along with LSBE Professor of Marketing Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, published an article in volume 19, issue 1 of the Journal of Marketing Communications. The article is titled, "Interdependent Self-Construal in Collectivist Cultures: Effects on Compliance in a Cause-Related Marketing Context."

Aggarwal also published an article in the Journal of Consumer Marketing with coauthors Chang Soo Kim and Taihoon Cha (deceased), both from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. Titled, "Preference-Inconsistent Information and Cognitive Discomfort: A Cross-Cultural Investigation," is published in volume 30, issue 5 of the journal.

LSBE Professor of Management Information Systems Dr. Dahui Li published an article in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction with Dr. Bo Xu of Fudan University in China and Dr. Bingjia Shao of Chongqing University in China. The article, featured in volume 8, issue 5 of the journal, is titled, "Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities: A Study of Citizenship Behavior and its Social-Relational Antecedents."

Li also published an article in the August 2013 issue of International Journal of Production Economics with Dr. Lei Xu of Tianjin University of Technology in China and Dr. Yongjian Li of University of Nankai Business School in China. The article is titled, "Examining Relationships between Return Policy, Product Quality and Pricing Strategy in Online Direct Selling."

In addition, Li and Dr. Yonggui Wang of the University of International Business and Economics in China published an article titled, "Testing the Moderating Effects of Toolkits and User Communities in Personalization: The Case of Social Networking Service," in the April 2013 issue of Decision Support Systems.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Neil A. Wilmot published the article "Cointegration in the Oil Market among Regional Blends," in volume 3, issue 4 of International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Strategic Management Dr. Xin Liang published an article in the Journal of Asia Business Studies with coauthors Dr. Richard Priem, professor of management at Neeley School of Business in Fort Worth, Texas; Dr. Margaret Shaffer, the Richard C. Notebaert Distinguished Chair of International Business and Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee; and Leung Wai On, CFO – Dish-HD, CEO Department, Asia Satellite Telecom Co Ltd in Hong Kong. Titled, "Top Management Team Trust, Behavioral Integration and the Performance of International Joint Ventures," the article was published in volume 7, issue 2 of the journal.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Luiggi Donayre published the article, "Estimated Thresholds in the Response of Output to Monetary Policy: Are Large Policy Changes Less Effective?" in the December 2013 issue of Macroeconomic Dynamics.

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Dr. Geoffrey G. Bell and his coauthor Saiying Deng, assistant professor of finance at Southern Illinois University College of Business, published an article in the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. The article, titled, "Beyond Clusters: How Regional Geographic Signature Affects Firm Value and Risk," was featured in volume 30, issue 2 of the journal.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Finance Dr. Timothy T. Perry published an article with Dr. Jialin Ding, associate consultant for APEX IT in Los Angelas, Calif., in the Global Business and Finance Review. Titled, "Co-Movement in U.S. and Chinese Equity Index Returns," the article was featured in volume 18, issue 1 of the journal.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Marketing Dr. Ahmed Maamoun published the article, "Corporate Social Responsibility and the Developing World: Commitment or Duplicity?" in volume 5, issue 2 of the Business Studies Journal.