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Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni Awards and Recognitions


Stephen B. Castleberry, Ph.D., LSBE professor of marketing, received the “Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action for actions that saved a life” by the American Red Cross as part of his duties as a volunteer first responder with the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department in Wisconsin.

Dahui Li, Department of Finance and Management Information Sciences, was promoted from associate professor to full professor.

Christopher McIntosh, LSBE associate professor of economics, was honored with the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award, given each year to faculty members at UMD who have demonstrated outstanding service to their students.

Junhua Wang, Ph.D., assistant professor of business communication, had an article on the subject of linking contextual factors with rhetorical pattern shift nominated for the "Best Article Reporting Quantitative or Qualitative Research" for 2012 by the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (vol. 41, pp. 83-107, 2011; with Pinfan Zhu as the second author). The award is given by the National Council of Teachers of English to recognize the best articles published in the field of scientific, professional, and technical communication. Additionally, two of Wang's papers were accepted for publication in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 2013: "Moving Towards Ethnorelativism: A Framework for Measuring and Meeting Students' Needs in Cross-Cultural Business and Technical Communication" and "Place Existing Online Business Communication Classes into the International Context: Social Presence from Potential Learners' Perspectives" (co-authored with Hua Wang).


Cynthia Beaudin, executive office and administrative specialist in the LSBE dean's office, received UMD’s Continuous Service Award.

Kurt Guidinger, LSBE assistant academic advisor in the student affairs office, received a 2012 UMD Student Award for Outstanding Academic Advisor.

Jennifer J. Pontinen, M.B.A., EDFP, professional business consultant for the UMD Center for Economic Development, has been named Minnesota Financial Services Champion of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Financial Services Champion award is presented annually in each state to individuals who assist small businesses through advocacy efforts to increase the usefulness and availability of accounting or financial services.

Carlee Williams, executive office and administrative specialist in the LSBE marketing department, received UMD's Continuous Service Award.


Several LSBE students received 2012 UMD Student Awards:
Michelle Lach received a Featherman Award.
Kendra Eisenschenk received a Leadership Award.
Kimberly Newton received a Leadership Award.
Zack Filipovich received a Sieur du Luth Award.


LSBE alumna Chris LaVictoire Mahai (M.B.A. '83), co-owner and managing partner at global strategy and operational change firm Aveus, authored ROAR: Strengthening business performance through speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage. The newly released book uses the animal kingdom as a metaphor for building peak performance, blending insight from top business leaders with questions designed to get readers thinking about their own companies.

Chris LaVicotoire Mahai (M.B.A. '83) Cover of Mahai's new book, ROAR.