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Faculty-Published Research and Presentations

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Dr. Geoffrey C. Bell and Associate Professor of Human Resource Management Jannifer David published the article “What if Corporate Governance Fostered Executive Dignity?” in Volume 17(4) of the Journal of Applied Business and Economics.

LSBE Professor of Marketing Dr. Stephen Castleberry published the article “I Never Thought I Would End Up In Prison: White Collar Dilemmas” in the Journal of Business Case Studies. The article is featured on pages 69-76 in Volume 12(22) of the publication.

Dr. Castleberry also published an article in the Journal of Business Ethics Education with his coauthor Dr. Joshua T. Coleman. The article, “When Is It Appropriate to Be a Whistleblower? The Case of Mercy Medical Center,” is featured on pages 173-184 in Volume 12.

Dr. Castleberry and his coauthors Drs. Susan Young and Joshua Coleman published the article “Advanced Selling: A Comprehensive Course Sales Project” in Volume 9(3) of the American Journal of Business Education.

LSBE Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor of Organization and Management Dr. Jon L. Pierce and his coauthors Drs. Donald G. Gardner and Courtney Crowley published an article in Volume 25(2) of the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. Titled “Organization-Based Self-Esteem and Well-Being: Empirical Examination of a Spillover Effect,” the article is on pages 181-199.   

Drs. L. Pierce and Gardner also published “Organization-Based Self-Esteem in Work Teams” in Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. The article is in Volume 19(3) on pages 394-408.   

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Dr. Nik R. Hassan and his coauthor Dr. Claudia Loebbecke published the article “Engaging Scientometrics in Information Systems: Combining the Quantitative and Qualitative” in the spring 2016 publication of the Journal of Information Technology.   

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Luiggi Donayre and his coauthor Dr. Irina Panovska published the article “State-dependent Exchange Rate Pass-through Behavior” in the Journal of International Money and Finance. The article is featured in Volume 64 on pages 170-195.

Drs. Donayre and Panovska also published, “Nonlinearities in the U.S. Wage Phillips Curve,” in the Journal of Macroeconomics. The article is featured in Volume 48(C), on pages 19-43.

Dr. Donayre also published an article with his coauthor Dr. Yamin Ahmad in Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics. Titled “Outliers and Persistence in Threshold Autoregressive Processes,” the article is featured in Volume 20(1) on pages 37-56.  

Dr. Donayre and LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Neil Wilmot published the article “The Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Shocks on the Canadian Economy” in the International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. The article is featured in Volume 6(2) on pages 167-183.

Dr. Neil A. Wilmot also published the article “Price Discontinuities in the Market for RINs” with his coauthor Dr. Charles F. Mason in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Dr. Wilmot and LSBE Assistant Professor of Health Care Management Dr. Kim Nichols Dauner published the article “Examination of the Influence of Social Capital on Depression in Fragile Families” in the fall 2016 edition of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

LSBE Professor of Accounting Dr. Roger Reinsch and LSBE Dean Dr. Amy Hietapelto, along with their coauthor Dr. William Ross, published an article in Current Topics in Management. The article, “Employer’s Use of Social Media in Employment Decisions: Risk of Discrimination Lawsuits,” is featured in Volume 18, on pages 153-182.   

LSBE Professor of Management Information Systems and Department Chair Dr. Dahui Li and his coauthor Dr. Yonggui Wang published the article “Virtual Space Co-Creations: The Perspective of User Innovation” in Volume 28(2) of the Journal of Organizational and End User Computing.

Dr. Li and his coauthors Drs. Bo Xu and Zhengchuan Xu published the article “Internet Aggression in Online Communities: A Contemporary Deterrence Perspective” in Information Systems Journal. The article is featured in Volume 26 on pages 641-667.   

LSBE Assistant Professor of Production and Operations Management Dr. Wenqing Zhang and his coauthor Dr. Chun Qiu published the article “Managing Long Queues for Holiday Sales Shopping” in Volume 15(1), pages 52-65, of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.

LSBE Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Bedassa Tadesse and his coauthor Dr. Roger White published the article “Immigrants, Cultural Differences, and Trade Costs” in the fall 2016 edition of International Migration.

Drs. Tadesse and White also published the article “Do Immigrants Affect the Profile of U.S. Exporters?” in the fall 2016 edition of Applied Economies.   

Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, LSBE Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean, and LSBE Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Department Rajiv Vaidyanathan published the article “Is Font Size a Big Deal? A Transaction-Acquisition Utility Perspective on Comparative Price Promotions” in the Journal of Consumer Marketing. The article is featured in Volume 33(6) on pages 408-416.

Dr. Aggarwal also published an article in the Journal of Consumer Marketing with his coauthor Dr. Chang-Soo Kim. The article, “The Customer is King: Culture-Based Unintended Consequences of Modern Marketing,” is published in Volume 33(3) on pages 193-201.   

LSBE Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Dr. Raymond J. Jones III and his coauthors Drs. Brooklyn M. Cole and Lisa M. Russell published the article “Racial Dissimilarity[DA1]  and Diversity Climate Effect Organizational Identification” in Volume 35 of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

Dr. Jones and LSBE Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Dr. Sanjay Goel were published in the Family Business Review. The article, “Entrepreneurial Exploration and Exploitation in Family Business: A Systematic Review and Future Directions,” is featured in Volume 29(1) on pages 94-120.  

LSBE Assistant Professor of Marketing Dr. Ahmed Maamoun published the article “Islamic Branding: Opportunities and Snags” in the Global Journal of Emerging Trends in e-Business, Marketing and Consumer Psychology. The article is featured in Volume 2(2).  

LSBE Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Fu-Jen (Daniel) Hsiao and his coauthors Yan Hu and Ling-Ling Chang published the article “Bank Loan Analysis of Family Firms: Evidence from S&P 500 Firms” in Volume 6(2) of the International Journal of Banking Accounting and Finance.

LSBE Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Rodger Brannan published the article “Omaha and the Evolving Business Model of Trauma Care” in Volume 12(4) of the Journal of Business Case Studies.

LSBE Associate Professor of Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior Dr. Jennifer Mencl and her coauthors Drs. Andrew J. Wefald and Kyle W. van Ittersum published the article “Transformational Leader Attributes: Interpersonal Skills, Engagement, and Well-Being” in the Leader and Organization Development Journal. The article is featured in Volume 37(5) on pages 635-657.   

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Ariuna Taivan published the article “The Causality between Financial Development and Economic Growth: Case of Asian Economies” in the Economics Bulletin. The article is featured in Volume 36(2) on pages 1071-1082.   

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Dr. Geoffrey Bell and LSBE Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Linda Rochford published the article “Rediscovering SWOT’s Integrative Nature: A New Understanding of an Old Framework” in the International Journal of Management Education. The article is featured in Volume 14 on pages 310-326.