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LSBE Faculty Receive Research Grants

In collaboration with the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office, the Research and Scholarship subcommittee of shared governance implemented a grant program to support the research and scholarship activities at UMD. 

Proposals were requested from researchers in five colleges, as well as in NRRI and MN Sea Grant, and over 118 proposals were received. In each college/unit, a peer review team evaluated the proposals, and 98 projects were fully or partially funded.

LSBE is proud to announce that the following faculty received these awards:

  • Dr. Kim Dauner, Assistant Professor, Health Care Management
  • Dr. Sanjay Goel, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Daniel Hsiao, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Dr. Xin Liang, Associate Professor of Management Studies
  • Dr. Jennifer Mencl, Associate Professor of Management Studies
  • Dr. Linda Rochford, Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Dr. Jennifer Schultz, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Professor of Marketing
  • Dr. Lin Xiu, Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management