Accomplished LSBE Marketing Alumnus Brandon Culpepper Speaks to Sports Marketing Class

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Brandon CulpepperLSBE marketing alumnus Brandon Culpepper (B.B.A. ’07) presented in LSBE Professor Stephen Castleberry's sports marketing class in the fall. Culpepper, a former Bulldog football player, explained how his dreams of getting into the NFL transformed into helping young kids achieve their dreams.

Culpepper is the founder of PeppNation, a company that inspires youth to increase their athletic level, promotes continuing education, and mentors up-and-coming student athletes. The end goal of PeppNation is to get youth into college.

PeppNation’s hallmark program is Sports Leadership Camps, which engage inner-city youth in sports. Since establishing his company in 2010, Culpepper has helped students earn more than $2.5 million in scholarships and sent dozens of students to college, with hundreds of current program participants on track to attend college. Today, PeppNation serves 200 kids a week.

This is the second year that Castleberry’s class selected PeppNation for their final project. The 2015-2016 class will write 20 sponsorship proposals on behalf of PeppNation to 20 organizations, including Harley Davidson, Northwestern Mutual, Nike, and Gatorade. PeppNation will then present these proposals to the 20 organizations with the hopes of generating $250,000 of sponsorship for the 2016 calendar year.