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Faculty-Published Research and Presentations

LSBE Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Fu-Jen (Daniel) Hsiao and his coauthors, Yan Hu and Jerry W. Lin, published the article, "The Earnings Management Opportunity for U.S. Oil and Gas Firms During the 2011 Arab Spring Event." The article was featured in Pacific Accounting Review, Volume 28(1), on pages 71-91.

LSBE Morse-Alumni Distinguished Professor of Organization and Management Dr. Jon L. Pierce and his coauthors, Dr. Steven M. Norman and Dr. Donald G. Gardner, published the article, "Leader Roles, Organization-Based Self-Esteem, and Employee Outcomes," in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal. The article is featured in Volume 36(3), pages 253-270. Dr. Pierce also published an article in Human Resource Management with coauthors Drs. Donald G. Gardner, Guo-Hua Huang, Xiongying Niu, and Cynthia Lee titled, "Organization-Based Self-Esteem, Psychological Contract Fulfillment, and Perceived Employment Opportunities: A Test of Self-Regulatory Theory." The article is featured in Volume 54(6), on pages 933-953.

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Luiggi Donayre published the article, "Do Monetary Policy Shocks Generate TAR or STAR Dynamics in Output?" in Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Economics.  

LSBE Professor of Management Information Systems and Department Chair Dr. Dahui Li and his coauthors, Dr. Yonggui Wang and Dr. Shuang Ma, published the article, "Customer Participation in Virtual Brand Communities: The Self-Construal Perspective," in Information and Management. The article is featured in Volume 52(5), on pages 577-587.  

LSBE Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Dr. Lin Xiu and LSBE Associate Professor of Business Law Dr. Alan Roline and their coauthor Dr. Gerui (Grace) Kang published two articles in Naikai Business Review International. The article, "How Do Interviewers Respond to Applicants' Initiation of Salary Negotiation? An Exploratory Study on the Role of Gender and Personality," is featured in Volume 3(2), on pages 145-158. The article, "Who Negotiates a Higher Starting Salary? A Moderation Model on the Role of Gender, Personality, and Risk Attitude," is featured in Volume 6(3), on pages 240-255.  

Dr. Xiu published an additional article in the International Journal of Manpower with coauthor Dr. Morley Gunderson. The article, "Occupational Segregation and the Gender Earnings Gap in China: Devils in the Details," is featured in Volume 36(5), on pages 711-732.  

LSBE Assistant Professor of Business Communications Dr. Abram Anders published the article, "Formative Feedback Tools and Google Apps," in Volume 9(2) of the Academic Exchange Quarterly. Dr. Anders also published the article "Flipping the Composing Process: Collaborative Drafting and Résumé Writing," in the September 2015 issue of Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. In addition, Dr. Anders published the article, "Theories and Applications of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs): The Case for Hybrid Design," in Volume 16(6) of the International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. Dr. Anders also published the article "Team Communication Platforms and Emergent Social Collaboration Practices," in Volume 53(2) of the International Journal of Business Communication.

LSBE Associate Professor and head of the Economics Department Dr. Christopher R. McIntosh and his coauthor, Dr. Robert A. Jenson, published the article, "Modeling US Farmer Soybean Seed Choice with Path Dependencies: Inevitable Patented Seed Market Dominance?" in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization.  

LSBE Associate Professor of Business Communications Dr. Junhua Wang and her coauthor Dr. Hua Wang published the article, "From a Marketplace to a Cultural Space: Online Meme as an Operational Unit of Cultural Transmission" in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. The article is featured in Volume 45(3), on pages 261-274. 

Dr. Ariuna Taivan and Dr. Gibson Nene, LSBE assistant professors of economics, and their coauthor, Dr. Inoussa Boubacar, published an article in Nankai Business Review International. The article, "Community Exports to China and Economic Growth: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Countries," is featured in Volume 6(4), on pages 401-416.

LSBE Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Bedassa Tadesse and his coauthor, Dr. Roger White, published the article, "Do Immigrants Affect the Profile of U.S. Exporters?" in Applied Economies. The article is featured in Volume 48(9), on pages 1743-1758. 

LSBE Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Neil A. Wilmot published the article, "Discontinuities in the Coal Market," in the fall 2015 issue of Applied Economics Letters.  

LSBE Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Professor Dr. Seung C. Lee published two articles in Issues in Information Systems. His article, "Reliability of Mobile App Ecosystem," is featured in Volume 16(1) on pages 80-90, and his article, "Information Security Compliance and Stress," is featured in Volume 16(4) on pages 239-248.  

LSBE Instructor of Finance Dr. Klaus Beckmann and his coauthors, Dr. Thanh Ngo and Dr. Daphne Wang, published the article, "The Informational Content of ADR Mispricing," in the Journal of Multinational Financial Management. The article is featured in Volume 32-33 on pages 1-14.  

LSBE Assistant Professor of Health Care Management Dr. Kim Nichols Dauner and LSBE Assistant Professors of Economics Dr. Neil A. Wilmot and Jennifer F. Schultz published the article, "Investigating the Temporal Relationship between Individual-Level Social Capital and Health in Fragile Families," in the fall 2015 issue of BMC Public Health.  

LSBE Assistant Professor of Production and Operations Management Dr. Wenqing Zhang and his coauthors, Dr. Prasad Padmanabhan and Dr. Chia-Hsing Hunag, published the article, "Sequential Capital Investment Decision Making Under Extreme Cash Flow Situations: Evidence Using Monte Carlo Simulation," in the Journal of Business Economics and Management. The article is featured in Volume 16(5), on pages 877-900.  

LSBE Department of Economics Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer Feenstra Schultz and Assistant Professor Dr. Kim Nichols Dauner, with coauthors Drs. Lara LaCaille, Ryan Goel, Rick LaCaille, Rebecca de Souza, Amy Nowak, and Ronald Regal, published "Go!: Results from a Quasi-Experimental Obesity Prevention Trial with Hospital Employees," in BMC Public Health, in Volume 16(171)