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Certificate in Professional Selling


What is Professional Selling?

Professional Selling is about much more than simply selling. It is about facilitating exchanges. It is the process of designing a mix of product/service, price, promotion, and distribution that will satisfy the customer's and organization's objectives. Professional Selling occurs between organizations (business to business selling) and between organizations and consumers (consumer selling). It is practiced globally (international selling), and is an important element of both profit and not-for-profit organizations. It is an area with potential for significant growth in a variety of roles.

Is a Certificate in Professional Selling for You?

Professional salespeople occupy a uniquely important position in today’s global economy playing a key role in nearly every industry. Salespeople need to have a good understanding of marketing theory and practice, consumer and buyer behavior, as well as knowledge of other business disciplines and the larger social and cultural environment that organizations and customers operate within. Developing strong written and oral communication skills are important skills for salespeople. Modern sales positions are less about “making a sale” than about building and maintaining relationships with customers by creating innovative solutions for their specific needs. Industry demand for individuals with an interest and training in sales is extremely high. LSBE is partnering with many organizations interested in our graduates who have completed our departmental certificate in professional selling.

Sales Career Options:

  • Selling and Sales Management—A salesperson is responsible for communicating directly with the customer and/or distributors and acting as a liaison, advocate, and problem solver for the client. Over 50% of U.S. College graduates entering the workforce, regardless of major, work in sales at some point in their career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are 15 million salespeople representing 1 out of every 9 people employed in the U.S. workforce, and projects the U.S. will add nearly two million new sales jobs by 2020. Positions can be in “outside sales” (sales done in the field “face-to-face”) or “inside sales” (sales done from remote locations). Examples of the wide variety of career options can be found on the department’s webpage.
  • International Sales-- Knowledge and skills in international sales are increasingly critical because of the global nature of markets and customers. In Canada, “sales and service occupations”, a broader category than the U.S. uses, makes up slightly more than 25% of the Canadian workforce. Japan employed nearly 8.6 million “sales workers” in 2010 meaning 1 out of every 8 workers in the world’s third-largest economy is in sales. Significant opportunities exist for salespeople globally.
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Marketing Major Upper Division Requirements with Emphasis for Professional Sales Certificate