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The Marketing Analytics Major includes the following course structure.  Please note that the major is selective.  Students usually apply during the spring semester of their sophomore year or as they are completing their final semester of Pre Business lower division requirements.  Transfer students should contact the LSBE Advising and Academic Services office or the Program Director for specific guidance on application timing.

LSBE Lower Division Courses: 60 credits

LSBE Upper Division Core Business Courses: 21 credits

Marketing Analytics Major or Minor: 21 credits

Supporting Upper Division Courses: 18 credits


Marketing Analytics Courses – All Courses are required for Major & Minor

Group A (6 cr)

MKTG 3711:  Marketing Research

MKTG 4711:  Consumer Behavior


Group B (9 cr)

MKTG 3761:  Marketing Analytics I, Marketing Analytics Fundamentals (3 credits)

MKTG 4762:  Marketing Analytics II, Advanced Analytic Techniques (3 credits)

MKTG 4763:  Marketing Analytics Practicum (2 credits)

MKTG 3767:  Marketing Analytics Internship (1 credit)


Group C (6 cr)

FMIS 3220:  Database Management and Design

ECON 4040:  Tools: Applications of Economic Analysis

                Or equivalent course from the Math/Stat or Psych Departments.


PDF Marketing Analytics Major – Requirements

PDF Marketing Analytics Minor-- Requriements