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CIA Cohort Fall 2019


I grew up in Belle Plaine, MN. I chose UMD because I love the city of Duluth and all the activities it has to offer. There is always a new place to explore!
During my time here at UMD, I have tried many different majors and career paths. I always knew that I had a passion for math, but I wanted an opportunity to utilize that strength in a creative and interactive way. The MAP program was a perfect fit for me. I have found a passion for data and research and look forward to a career in the field of analytics.
This summer, I will be interning at US Bank in Minneapolis as an Operations Services intern within the Wealth Management Trust and Investments Product team.

My name is Billy Bingham and I grew up in Prior Lake, Minnesota. I chose to attend UMD for many different reasons. First, I enjoy spending time outside and being up here seemed like a perfect place for that. Also, the distance from home was perfect, not too far but not too close.
I first heard about the Marketing Analytics program from a coworker of mine who also was in the program but was a year above me. It seemed like a perfect fit for me to pursue because I really enjoy statistics and marketing which fit hand and hand within this major. I am very glad I joined because I have learned a lot of information and gained networking abilities here as well which will help me in my future career.
In the summer, I am planning on pursuing an analyst internship through Best Buy at their corporate offices in Richfield, Minnesota

I am Ashley Costigan, I grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado. My family is from Minnesota however, so I would visit a lot growing up. I chose UMD after visiting with my parents, who are alumni of UMD, because of the atmosphere and community of Duluth and the business school programs it provides. I chose the analytics program after attending a club meeting and falling in love with analyzing data, and the skills the program provided. As I continue my passion grows as I learn more about marketing and statistics. My hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with friends.
I am still searching for an internship to best fit myself for this summer.

My name is Micah Hjelle. I am from Eden Prairie, MN. I chose Marketing Analytics as my major because of my passion for data and statistics but also my ability to think creatively and analytically when it comes to business and marketing. I chose UMD because of the opportunity to pursue marketing analytics, the size of the school/campus, and the ideal distance from home, allowing me to be relatively independent from my family. My interests include participating in intramural sports such as basketball, soccer, and football, making music on my laptop, and spending time with friends.

I grew up in Aitkin, Minnesota where I spent a lot of my time doing outdoor activities. I chose UMD because I love the city and everything it has to offer.
What brought me to the MAP program, was being able to analyze a set of data to find interesting trends and solutions. It's very fascinating what you can find and I like to make graphs from the data as well.
I am currently looking for an internship this summer where I will be able to further enhance my analytical skills.

I am Savannah Lapp. I grew up in Clintonville, WI, which is about 5 hours from Duluth. I chose this school because of the REMap program specifically. When I was a Junior in high school I shadowed a family friend who did Marketing and was turned on to Data Analytics from her coworkers. Ever since then I have been interested in the program here in Duluth and am fortunate enough to be a part of it. The opportunities I have gained from being in the program and in the Duluth area have been amazing.
I am looking forward to this summer when I will be interning with Wells Fargo Securities Operations in Minneapolis, MN.

I grew up mostly in Rochester, Minnesota. I am a first generation citizen, as my parents immigrated to the US from Kenya for college. I am the oldest of 3 siblings and I love music, especially R&B and Hip-Hop. My favorite sport is soccer and I enjoy keeping up with basketball and football.
I chose to come to UMD because I really valued the Multicultural Center and because of LSBE. Before attending the school, my dad told me about the Marketing Analytics Program here and it intrigued both of us because of the use of data and because of the Hormel project (that we are currently working on) because he's been with Hormel for 20 years now!
I am still applying and interviewing for summer internships, but I hope to have something solidified soon.

I grew up in Blaine, Minnesota. I chose UMD because I wanted to get out into the fresh air, which the cities could not provide for me. It was also big enough that I would get to meet many people, without feeling like I would just be swallowed up anonymity.
I used to be a biology major, but after struggling with that, I figured out what I liked about biology is the analysis. I heard of the MAP program in the business school, and the rest is history. It really fits my interests, while also providing a challenge that I’m actually invested in. My favorite thing about Duluth is being able to just go 10 minutes out of the city, and you are in the middle of no-where. It is very easy to go out and enjoy the backdrop of the North Shore.
I am currently searching for an internship in the Twin Cities for this summer.

I am from Apple Valley, MN and brought my love of the outdoors to the University of Minnesota Duluth. At UMD I am able to hike, rock climb, snowboard, camp, and experience other outdoor adventures while also working towards my degree. Duluth has introduced me to some of my greatest friends and has led me to experience incredible memories.
In high school I had found I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity that marketing brought to the table, however I also liked the analytical thinking that came from looking and numbers and problem solving. Through this, I was able to combine the two things I enjoy and form a major from it. In the Marketing Analytics Program, I am able to creatively use data to tell a story and create a positive impact on the business activities that follow.
I am very excited to say that this summer I will be a Sales Analytics Intern at Jack Link's in Minneapolis. I look forward to working in a fast paced, energetic, and encouraging environment to better provide insight into the world of analytics as well as toward my goal of eventually working in the outdoor industry.

I grew up in a small town called Melrose, Minnesota and the reason I chose UMD was because it offered the perfect mix of exciting academic and outdoor opportunities.
I applied to the Marketing Analytics Program because I had Austin Steinmetz give an interesting presentation about the program in my intro to marketing class. At the time I was a financial planning major but upon hearing about the MAP program I decided to apply because I love numbers and working on teams to solve complex real-world problems. My favorite thing to do in Duluth is not homework actually (surprise), I love to explore the city with friends and eat at all the delicious restaurants.
This summer I've accepted an internship with Jack Link's Beef Jerky and will be working in downtown Minneapolis as a consumer insight analyst.

Howdy! I grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota and chose to come to UMD for its accelerated Teaching English program and proximity to my hometown. As you can tell I've changed in the past few years.
Through running my own small business I've learned the power of data first hand which originally got me interested in the MAP program. My favorite thing about Duluth is the cities passion to reuse and restore its outstanding Victorian style architecture.
This summer I will be interning at Hormel Foods in Austin, MN as a Category Development Analyst Intern.

I grew up in New Prague, MN, and chose to go to school in Duluth because of the outdoors culture. Duluth has provided many great experiences for me in and out of school.
I started off at UMD as a mechanical engineering student but found myself becoming more and more interested in big data and the business world. That when I knew the Consumer Insights and Analytics program was for me. I have learned so much already and look forward to the remaining topics and projects to come.
I will be interning with SICK Inc. this summer as a Business Analyst and Data Quality Intern in Bloomington, MN.

Hello, I grew up in Stillwater MN right on the St. Croix river. I ended up at UMD because it was the only school I applied to. I liked the campus, it felt like a good distance from home, and I like the city of Duluth. I entered school with my major undeclared and was initially interested in computer science, long story short it didn’t happen. I then moved my focus towards statistics because I liked looking at numbers in that way. After taking a stats class I found it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I then applied for marketing analytics and haven’t looked back since. I love to opportunities that are given to you in this program and I am already beginning an internship this summer at Target as an inventory analyst in the twin cities.

I was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and moved to Lakeville, Minnesota when I was seven. I chose UMD because of the surrounding area and vast opportunities for outdoor adventure and great fishing.
What I like most about analytics is the "treasure hunt" of trying to find the golden nugget in the data. The MAP program has helped me overcome my fears of pushing myself outside my comfort zone as well as challenge my problem solving skills. I have used many of the things I have learned in this program during the process of starting my podcast (Student Built Startups), on which I interview student entrepreneurs.
This summer, I will be interning at Securian Financial in St. Paul as a digital analytics intern. I am looking forward to the new experiences that are to come.

Hi, my name is Tanner Thom and I am from Blaine, Minnesota. I chose this program because it teaches us a rare skill that is in high demand and it offers real experience that I can call on in the future. My interests include playing volleyball and watching The Bachelor.

Hello, I am from Anoka, Minnesota. I chose UMD because I was visiting a friend my senior year of high school and I had the most fun time. The three main reasons why I like Duluth are 1. The People, 2. The City, and 3. The Distance from home (in the Twin Cities). The parks, hiking, and outdoor atmosphere around here is something I really enjoy. I like being able to just go on a walk for two hours and then jump right back into class, while already being able to enjoy Duluth’s beautiful nature during my break. The community around Duluth makes it easy for me to have a positive attitude in school and outside of school. Additionally, I am close to my family which is where my home is, so the driving distance is accessible to me whenever I feel like going home. I chose the MAP program because it has given me an opportunity that other peers around me don’t have. These include developing analytical skills, using advanced computer software, and connecting with other people who are passionate about business. The MAP program has taught me a lot of technical skills and opened a new perspective to the job world of an analyst.
I have nothing secured yet this summer, but am hoping to find a position that suits me well in the near future.

I am from Prior Lake, Minnesota. I decided to attend UMD because of its location and many outdoor opportunities. I knew Duluth and its business school would be a great fit for me based on my tour and the great things I had heard from older friends.
My first two years at UMD I knew I wanted to major in some aspect of business, but had yet to find something I was passionate about. I heard about the analytics program and decided to reach out and ask others about their experience with marketing analytics. I immediately applied for the major and have loved my first year as a marketing analytics major. I am excited to grow and expand my analytics knowledge base as I continue in the program.
This upcoming summer I will be interning at Jack Links in their Minneapolis office.

I grew up in Minnetonka, MN and I chose to attend UMD because it is in the University of Minnesota system and I love all the outdoor activities that Duluth provides. I chose MAP because I wanted to challenge myself and have a career that will be relevant for decades to come.
I love Duluth because it allows me to partake in the activities that I enjoy such as skiing, snowmobiling and hiking. I like the MAP program because it puts you into a lot of real world situations and, as a result, prepares me to adapt well to the work environment.
This summer I am excited to join the Andersen Corporation as a Business Analytics Intern.