Consumer Insights and Analytics

Formerly the Marketing Analytics Program (MAP), the Consumer Insights and Analytics major or minor at LSBE prepares you to contribute to the success of organizations by optimizing the relationship with their customers through data-driven insight and modeling. Using a unique non-traditional learning environment, you are given the opportunity to apply fundamental, technical, qualitative, and quantitative analysis techniques in developing your personal methodology for analyzing data and providing insight. The CIA undergraduate program will help you gain knowledge and skills to:
  • Use sophisticated software tools to compile, summarize, and analyze customer behavior and transaction data.
  • Identify insights into consumer needs, sales trends or business opportunities from data.
  • Communicate insights and recommendations confidently in written and oral formats.
  • Integrate knowledge from other business disciplines to develop feasible business and marketing recommendations.
Prospective employers for graduates of this program include several leading Minnesota companies - Target, Best Buy, General Mills, Hormel, Schwan’s Food Company, 3M, US Bank, Essentia Health, maurices, and AMSOIL. Hundreds of mid- to large-sized companies across the country are now in a position where they have massive amounts of consumer data and need help in converting that data into actionable information. Career opportunities include Marketing Analyst, Pricing Analyst, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analyst, Promotions Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Marketing Research Analyst, Digital Media Analyst, Brand Analyst. 


The CIA program continues a tradition of ground-breaking analytics cohort development since the program was originally established in 2011 as the Retail Marketing Analytics Program.
In addition to the academic studies component, hands-on experience is gained through active research and analysis of actual customer datasets shared by industry partners in a dedicated lab
environment available to CIA students 24/7. This program is especially well suited to those individuals who have an aptitude for math and a desire to solve problems.