Financial Markets Program

The main goal of the LSBE Financial Markets Program is to provide you with an educational experience that can be directly applied to the Financial Services Industry. With the support of the local financial community, you have the opportunity to apply learned ideas, theories, and tools directly.

The three key elements of Academic Studies, the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, and the Bulldog Fund, LLC, make the program's foundation. This non-traditional learning environment offers you the opportunity to apply fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis techniques and encourages the development of your own methodology towards analyzing investment options within the financial markets.

In addition to the Academic Studies component, the Bulldog Fund, LLC, challenges you to make strategic investment decisions directly applicable to a portfolio of more than $1.7 million. Hands-on experience is gained through active research and analysis conducted in the on-campus, Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, a state-of-the-art lab designed to replicate a real-world investment setting.

Participation in the program provides you with the skills necessary to make sound critical thinking decisions, not only for today but also throughout your career. You will learn the importance of integrity and the power of personal relationship development through networking opportunities in the industry and alumni contacts.

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