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We teach our students to think critically and analytically - to question the answers as much as they answer the questions. We push them. We prepare them. Our graduates are leaders in business, management, marketing, finance, accounting, management information sciences, and economics.


Benji with a pug dog and a cup.
November 14, 2019

Senior Benji Wedel launched a company that fuels his creativity and supports rescued animals. 

2018 Tech Panel
October 31, 2019

LSBE's Fifth Annual Entrepreneurship Conference will be held on Tuesday, November 5, from 9 am–5 pm in UMD’s Marshall Performing...

LSBE Ticker Display
October 31, 2019

Did you know that more than 50% of U.S. college graduates, regardless of their majors, are likely to work in sales at some point?